MK4-563RSM5 Weigh Module Kit

The MK4-563RSM5 offers a stainless steel constructed washdown IP68/69K certified waterproof product. Ideal for chemical and food-related applications, the kit provides outstanding performance in hostile environments, built to last in any messy situation. The OIML and NTEP approved load cells deliver accurate readings for lower capacities up to 500kg. Common applications include batching/blending and chemical/food processing. Two slots on the baseplate facilitate ease of use. Each kit comes with an IP67 water-resistant junction box and 65ft of cable.


  • CE, RoHS, and ExNepsi certified load cells
  • Uplift protection and overload protection
  • Allowance for thermal expansion
  • Junction box equipped with corner trim pots
  • Conventional wiring and color code

Complete Set Includes:

Load Cell Capacity Part No. Shipping Weight (kg / lb) Approx.
10kg MK4-563RSM5-10kg-S 12.0kg / 26.5lb
20kg MK4-563RSM5-20kg-S 12.0kg / 26.5lb
50kg MK4-563RSM5-50kg-S 12.0kg / 26.5lb
100kg MK4-563RSM5-100kg-S 12.0kg / 26.5lb
200kg MK4-563RSM5-200kg-S 12.0kg / 26.5lb
500kg MK4-563RSM5-500kg-S 12.0kg / 26.5lb
Manufacturer Model
Rice Lake 1700HE
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