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National Conference on Weights & Measures

The Scale Manufacturers Association was established by scale industry leaders in 1945 to provide a permanent instrumentality for coordinating the efforts of many individuals in the best interest of the public the owners and users of scales, and scale manufacturers. 

Anyload is an active participant in the SMA, with a permanent seat at the manufacturer’s roundtable which serves as a platform for the industry to discuss and overcome common challenges, and cooperate with regulatory bodies on issues that affect our business and our end-users, to ensure that we deliver weighing solutions of the highest standards. – SMA

International Weights & Measures magazine is a comprehensive resource for everything related to weigh and measure across various industries. The website has been serving dealers and manufacturers for many years, with its experienced editor, Mr. Mathieu, establishing its reputation as a trusted and reliable source of information in the field.  The website features a digital magazine that hosts sponsors from the industry, providing detailed coverage of their products and services.

In addition, covers a wide array of topics related to weighing and measuring. Past articles have discussed topics like the assembly of a new truck scale, support for a bob sled team, and the use of canister load cells in a building project. This platform could be a valuable resource for those interested in staying updated with trends, technological advancements, and stories from the weighing and measuring industry. – iWAM Magazine 

Weighing Review is a longstanding online industry news outlet covering news from load cell manufacturers, scale dealers, regulatory bodies, and other members of the weighing industry The news site regularly publishes news about new products, company news, international conferences, press releases, events, and much more information related to all weighing fields, such as scales, weighing indicators, load cells, weighing software, and other related products and services. – Weighing Review

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