In the bulk and aggregates sector, precise weighing and force measurement are not just beneficial - they're essential for operational efficiency and compliance with stringent industry standards. Durability is a non-negotiable requirement in this sector, where equipment often operates under harsh conditions. In-line weighing systems are sought-after for their ability to minimize disruptions in material flow, although they often present a trade-off between cost and performance. Weighing and force measurement play a crucial role in various applications:
  1. Batching/Mixing Systems: Load cell are integral in automated batching systems, ensuring precise portioning and mixing of materials.
  2. Load-Out Operations: Load cells in load-out systems guarantee accurate material transfer onto ships, trucks, or rail cars, ensuring contractual compliance and reducing wastage.
  3. Loss-In-Weight & Fill Measurement: Ideal for monitoring material usage and inventory, these systems use load cells to measure in real time the weight of materials added or removed.
  4. On-Board Weighing Systems: Used in mobile concrete batching and other vehicular applications, our sensors ensure both safety and efficiency on mobile systems.
Some weighing equipment commonly found in the bulk and aggregates sectors:
  1. Truck Scales: Our heavy-duty load cells are used in truck scales to provide accurate weight measurements, helping to prevent under-filling, overloading, and ensuring safety.
  2. Rail Scales: Load cells are integrated or embedded underneath freight rails to aid in billing and ensuring compliance with weight restrictions.
  3. Floor Scales: Commonly used for weighing pallets, drums, or bags of bulk materials, our floor scales are designed for durability and accuracy.
  4. Hopper/Tank Scales: Load cells provide accurate weight data for stored materials, from grains to chemicals, thereby aiding in inventory management and process control.
If you're in the bulk and aggregates sector and are looking for reliable weighing solutions, feel free to contact us for custom solutions and consultation. Our team can help you find the right load cells for your specific needs.


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