363TSM1 ThinWeigh Compression Weigh Module


The 363TSM1 ThinWeigh™ leads the industry as an integrated compression weigh module that is high performance and ultra-low-profile, ideally suited for tank, hopper, vessel weighing, and more. Our patented internal design significantly improves accuracy and repeatability compared to the traditional pancake/low-profile weigh module design while also improving performance under variable loading conditions and temperature fluctuations. The ThinWeigh™ is a superior alternative to conventional weigh modules.


  • High Capacity Ultra Low Profile Mount, ideally suited for tank, hopper and vessel weighing
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Hermetically Sealed construction to IP68/IP69K
  • Incorporated Rocker Pin allowing for 360º Vessel Thermal Expansion
  • Rocker Pin Allows up to 3º of Tilt of Vessel Leg from Base Plate
  • Side load and Uplift Protection up to 50% of Rated Capacity
  • Intergrated threaded top holes, eliminating need for separate top plate to maintain compact assembly
  • Available option: Alloy Steel material ( Model Name: 363THM1 for 100Klb and 200Klb only )
Rated Capacities 500kg/1Klb, 1.2t/2.5Klb, 2.5t/5Klb, 5t/10Klb, 12t/25Klb, 25t/50Klb, 50t/100Klb, 100t/200Klb
Full Scale Output 3mV/V ± 0.25%
Zero Balance Cap.≤ 1.2t/2.5Klb: ≤ ±0.04 mV/V; Cap.≥ 2.5t/5Klb: ≤ ±0.02 mV/V
Non-linearity Cap.<1.2t/2.5Klb: < ± 0.05%; Cap.=2.5t-12t/5Klb-25Klb: < ± 0.1% or < ± 0.3%; Cap.=25t/50Klb: < ± 0.3%
Repeatability < ± 0.05%
Hysteresis Error Cap.<1.2t/2.5Klb: < ± 0.05%; Cap.=2.5t-12t/5Klb-25Klb: < ± 0.1% or < ± 0.3%; Cap.=25t/50Klb: < ± 0.3%
Creep in 30 minutes < ± 0.05%
Input Resistance 700Ω ± 10Ω
Output Resistance 700Ω ± 5Ω
Recommended Excitation 10V (15V Maximum)
Insulation Resistance > 2GΩ (50V DC)
Compensated Temperature Range 10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F
Thermal Expansion / Contraction or Minor Misalignment 500kg-5t/1Klb-10Klb: 2mm; 12t-25t/25Klb-50Klb: 3mm
Safe Overload 150% of full scale
Breaking Overload 300% of full scale
Lift Protection 50% of full scale
Side Protection 50% of full scale
Seal Type Welded seal
IP Rating IP68/IP69K

Rated Capacity Part Number Rated Capacity Part Number
1Klb-2.5Klb TP363TSM1-(1-2.5)Klb 0.5t-1.2t TP363TSM1-(0.5-1.2)t
5Klb-10Klb TP363TSM1-(5-10)Klb 2.5t-5t TP363TSM1-(2.5-5)t
25Klb-50Klb TP363TSM1-(25-50)Klb 12t-25t TP363TSM1-(12-25)t
100Klb TP363TSM1-100Klb 50t TP363TSM1-50t
200Klb TP363TSM1-200Klb 100t TP363TSM1-100t
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