Container Crane Weighing

Custom Load Pin

Custom load pin load cells integrated into port crane container lifting systems ensure accurate load monitoring and enhance safety during container handling. This integrated solution is applicable to many overhead crane, container, and logistics, and maritime shipping operations.

How it works:

  1. Port cranes are essential for lifting and moving shipping containers efficiently in commercial ports and bulk handling facilities. Ensuring the safety and reliability of these operations is critical.

  2. The port environment presents several challenges, including exposure to saltwater, high humidity, and heavy, dynamic loads. Our custom load pin load cells are specifically designed to withstand these harsh conditions.

  3. Load pin load cells are precision machined to be easily-integrated into the lifting system of port cranes. These load cells measure the weight of each container, providing real-time data to the crane operator.

  4. Field-testing to ensure the load pins meet precision and durability requirements.

Key Features

  • Ease-of-integration: By integrating load pin load cells directly into the crane’s lifting system, there is no need to weigh each container on a separate scale, minimizing disruption to the operational flow.
  • Durability: Built to withstand harsh port environments, the load cells are corrosion-resistant and have a very high safety factor, ensuring long-term reliability under strenuous conditions.

Custom Solution

The integration of custom load pin load cells into quick release mooring hooks exemplifies the commitment to enhancing safety and reliability in port and harbor applications. By providing robust, accurate, and durable load monitoring solutions, we ensure that mooring operations remain safe and efficient under all conditions.

Featured Products

Container Crane Weighing Solution
See standard version.

  • Optimized for port container crane weighing
  • Easy integration, does not disrupt process flow
  • High safety factor to ensure absolute safety even under overload
  • Corrision resistant stainless steel for maritime shipping operations.

ANYLOAD custom load pins are designed and built to exacting standards to meet the stringent safety and performance standards that we uphold. We work closely with our customers to ensure all specifications align with the requirements of each unique application.

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