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OEM Design Process

OEM Load Cells & Custom Weighing Design Process:

Procuring a custom OEM application utilizing precision load cells may appear like a daunting process to some, but rest assured, since we here at Anyload have the experience and knowledge to deliver weigh and measure solutions to suit your needs. From sensitive laboratory equipment to car manufacturing to rocket launching pads, we are up to the challenge. Whether it is a single load cell application or a 50,000 pieces per year OEM program, our team is here and available to help.

Here is how our process works:

1. Request and/or Inquiry

We receive a request from a client for an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) weighing and measurement solution. Generally, this is an inquiry for a specific load cell type, including accessories (shackles, mounting rig, etc.), or it may be for an entire custom scale solution. At this stage, we ascertain what the client needs, by obtaining detailed information such as the intent of the application, approximate design concept, requirements and performance specifications, price target, and defined timeline, to ensure that we may qualify the opportunity.

Some things we would like to know:



2. Cooperation and Design

Anyload’s engineering team will review the opportunity, and the complexity involved, to determine if an NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering charge) is warranted for the project. Our team then provides the draft outline drawing(s) and specifications, generally in 3D format, for the client to review and sign as approval, thus firming up the design. Business terms and conditions with the client (such as pricing, production schedule, etc.) are agreed upon. Once the drawings are approved, we typically proceed to provide samples.

Note: For many applications, along with prototypes for our designs, Anyload utilizes 3D printing techniques where applicable to produce samples at an accelerated pace.

3. Design and Testing

The Anyload engineering team designs, produces, and extensively tests prototypes, to assure that all aspects of design expectations and required functions are fulfilled. Our comprehensive and vertically integrated in-house testing facilities include hydraulic and deadweight test machines, extensive fatigue testing, lightning/over-voltage inducement, temperature chambers, water pressure, vibration, and salt-steam test machines.

4. Certification

We often work with and assist our clients in applying for and obtaining various industry-related certifications required for specific applications. Anyload is constantly acquiring new and/or updating our legal for trade certifications for load cells and related equipment to meet and exceed mandatory standards around the globe and for various industries and markets.

See an ever-expanding list of certification bodies we have worked with.
Don't see what you need? We work with clients to obtain new certifications.

5. Manufacturing

Anyload designs and manufactures our products according to required specifications. Our internal specifications always remain within advertised specifications. We test every load cell for -10ºC to 50ºC degrees. Production schedules vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the load cell design, additional performance tests required available inventory (if the OEM order is a modification from a basic model), and the materials and production methods used. Anyload will provide relevant updates on the production schedule as we proceed with your order.

6. Shipping and fulfillment

We ship products according to the client’s timeline schedule and level of urgency. Expedited shipping can be arranged if need be for an additional charge. We encourage OEM procurement teams to place purchase orders according to their “on-dock date” requirements which will allow us to plan accordingly for timely deliveries.

7. Support

Anyload offers technical support services for our OEM clients, including calibration instructions, instruction manuals, and other additional documentation. Extended warranties exceeding the standard 2-year timeframe may be negotiable. We will do whatever we can to help our clients integrate our products into their client projects.

Click on this image to see a detailed visualization of what this entire process looks like:


Comprehensive OEM Design Flowchart

This might look like a complicated process, but it's really not. Simply provide us with your request with as much detail as possible, and we can take it from there! 

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