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Logo & Brand Standard

To ensure consistency with the ANYLOAD brand, it is recommended to use only the most up-to-date logo design for your marketing materials. Please select the appropriate logo design from the options provided below.

For Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents, please use the JPG format. For multimedia or websites, both JPG and GIF formats are suitable. If designing documents for commercial offset press printing using programs like Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, the AI format is the most optimal.

When printing in color, we recommend using the red bar and black logo on white backgrounds, or the red bar and white logo on black backgrounds. If printing in one color (black on white), please use the grey bar and black logo.

Brand Standards Guideline

Formats: "jpg, png, ai" Dowbload Zip

  Formats: "jpg, png, ai" Dowbload Zip

    Formats: "jpg, png, ai" Dowbload Zip

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