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What we do

Anyload provides a variety of custom weighing and force measurement solutions. Our team of engineers with a combined total of over 150 years of experience in the industry will work with you to design load cells tailored to your needs. We work with companies both large and small to fulfill their varied requirements ranging from ultra-sensitive medical instruments to heavy-duty mining trucks, to cutting-edge research applications. Since 1991, we have provided our OEM clients with high-performance, rapid turn-around weighing solutions with the experience and foresight to help you meet every challenge.

The Challenges
From rocket launching pads that demand resistance to heat, vibration, and steam, to underwater testing sites that constantly test our high pressure and saltwater product enhancements, we are eager to take on whatever technical challenges expected of us. Our industry-leading in-house laboratory features an expansive array of testing equipment, with deadweight test machines up to 10 tons, hydraulic test machines up to 600 tons, and many other application-specific testing machines to help us optimize prototypes and deliver to you OEM weighing solutions that meet all performance demanding requirements
The Industries We Have Worked In
  • Aerospace & defense
  • Agriculture & food
  • Commercial fishing
  • Construction
  • Logistics, cargo, & transportation
  • Mining, oil & gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
  • Renewable Energies
  • Scientific & educational
  • Sports & entertainment
  • Waste & recycling
  • Why ANYLOAD?

    Custom Solution Aerial View Container
    What we offer to you
  • Experienced Customer Service and Engineering Team
  • Fast turnaround times from prototype through production
  • Can-do innovation, dedication, and relentless determination for every application
  • The Process
    As a smaller load cell manufacturer, we are ideally structured to dedicate a high level of attention to our clients, providing fast turnaround times. We work closely with our OEM and R&D partners to develop and manufacture products that meet their every technical challenge and custom specification. Be it height restrictions or decades-long warranties or harsh operating environments, we have the know-how to deliver. Whether you are a laboratory seeking a single unit, an industrial engineering firm on a contract, or a multinational corporation ordering thousands of units per year, we stand ready to help you achieve results on schedule and within a cost-effective budget.
    Request a solution with us. Today.
    For applications that do not require third-party certifications, our team can generally design a weighing solution within two to three weeks and an additional eight to twelve weeks to manufacture.
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