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ANYLOAD’s custom weighing and force measurement solutions have been deployed across a vast number of industries and applications globally. Our experienced customer service and engineering teams provide responsive turnaround times from initial consultations, prototypes, through to production.

We are driven by our can-do attitude, relentless determination, and desire for innovation.

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A custom force transducer cross section with wireframe, finite element analysis and final manufactured finish.

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Our Process

We are structured to dedicate high levels of attention to our clients, providing responsive service and reliable products. We work closely with our clients to develop and manufacture products that meet their every technical challenge and custom specification.

Whether you need to handle dimensional restrictions, high safety factors, or harsh operating environments, we know how to deliver. If you are a laboratory seeking a single unit, an industrial engineering firm contracted on a project, a scale service provider, or a large corporation ordering tens of thousands of units per year, we stand ready to help you achieve or exceed performance requirements with innovative solutions

Our sales and customer service team is highly experienced in working with clients on custom and highly technical projects, helping to facilitate communications on all sides.

Our application engineering division releases on average more than one control drawing of a custom product every single business day. It takes years of specialized training for mechanical engineers to be able to design a coherent load cell solution.

To learn more about the process of custom load cell projects, CLICK HERE.

In-house CNC machines enable new designs to be made with minimal lead time and complete fidelity to ensure total satisfaction before entering mass production.

We have invested millions in refining our in-house testing laboratory capable of evaluating our products against the technical, metrological, and environmental specifications required by every standard and custom product. 

For an overview of our QA equipment, CLICK HERE.

Vertical integration of all core processes within our own company ensures maximum control over all aspects of production. Our engineers can work directly with our own assembly technicians, calibration lab specialists, and more to ensure designs are realized according to expectations.

For an introduction to how load cells are manufactured, CLICK HERE.

Our global network of offices, logistical hubs, and regional partners help to ensure seamless fulfillment of our products and services anywhere in the world. To us, our work does not end with a product leaving our docks, but continue through the lifespan of every single unit we manufacture.

Case Studies

Single Ended Beam

Fertilizer Cart Weighing

ANYLOAD load cells are integrated into mobile fertilizer spreaders and applicators to provide optimal load level monitoring and consistent material dispersion.

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Tension Link Load Cell + Shackle

Offshore Wind Turbine Blade

Wind turbine blades must be precisely balanced in weight and centre of gravity to minimize weight imbalances that can significantly shorten the expected service lifespan of wind turbines. Imbalanced blades can exert uneven forces on the rotor hub, leading to misalignment and material fatigue failures in the gear box and other turbine components.

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Single Ended Beam

Bag Filling Machines

Bag filling and other process weighing and control systems require high precision load cells that also have fast response times to ensure maximal efficiency when portioning materials.

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