Custom Made Single Point Load Cell

ANYLOAD custom single point load cells excel in precision and adaptability, engineered to meet specialized requirements across a spectrum of industries. Designed for process weighing, batching systems, bench scales, and small platform scales, these load cells are tailored for applications where accuracy and stability are paramount.
Constructed from a variety of materials beyond standard stainless steel, our load cells can be customized to suit specific environmental conditions, including those requiring higher IP ratings for dust and water resistance. With the capability to adjust mechanical properties such as load cell deflection and stress concentration, ANYLOAD single point load cells ensure optimal response times and enhanced safety factors.
Available in capacities from 10kg to 1,000kg, our load cells are designed for both light commercial tasks and demanding industrial applications. We offer different levels of precision, including models that have achieved the highest precision legal for trade certification at OIML C9—the world record for single point load cells.

View the standard specifications of our regular products to check if these will meet your needs and requirements or submit your order for a customized single point load cell.

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