Bag Filling Machines

Bag filling and other process weighing and control systems require high precision load cells that also have fast response times to ensure maximal efficiency when portioning materials.

How it works:

  1. Process control equipment depend on high performance load cells to ensure that the correct portions are distributed.

  2. The filling hopper has 3-4 load cells installed to monitor the weight of the load at a high frequency to ensure fast response times.

  3. The process control system can precisely control filling to minimize over/underfilling.

  4. When the filling hopper has a sufficient portion of product, a relay triggers it to empty into the container below.

Custom Solution

Load cell sensors allow precise control of the automation process, improve product consistency, and provide operational efficiency. ANYLOAD load cells allow for process control systems manufacturers and operators to maintain a high speed of portioning and filling without compromising on accuracy in weighing.

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Featured Products

Single Ended Beam
See standard version.

Anyload's single point load cell: 563RS.
  • Compact, low-profile design
  • IP68 washdown water- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Simple installation

The time-tested 563RS delivers a high degree of reliability and versatility for industrial process control and weighing needs, especially in powder & bulk filling, conveyer weighing, and other process weighing applications.

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