Conventional Weighing

In the conventional weighing industry, precision and compliance are paramount. ANYLOAD designs and manufactures high-quality, legal-for-trade load cells and weighing solutions, certified by NTEP, OIML, and Measurement Canada. Our products are designed and certified to meet the rigorous standards required by scale dealers and fabricators, ensuring that every scale is not only accurate but also compliant with industry regulations.

Key Applications for Scale Dealers and Fabricators
  1. Bench & Floor Scales: Our load cells are essential for constructing floor scales, known for their robustness and accuracy in industrial weighing applications.
  2. Truck Scales: Anyload double ended beam and canister load cells are trusted by truck scale fabricators across Canada, United States, and beyond for their reliability and performance.
  3. Scale Indicators: Our scale indicators are designed to offer clear, accurate readouts, essential for all types of weighing systems. They are user-friendly and can be integrated seamlessly with various types of scales.
Equipment for Scale Dealers and Fabricators
  1. Single Point Load Cells: Perfect for smaller, precision-based scales, these load cells offer high accuracy and are easy to integrate, ideal for commercial and retail scales.
  2. Double Ended Beam Load Cells: Commonly used in industrial-scale applications, shear beam load cells offer durability and high capacity, making them suitable for floor scales and other heavy-duty weighing systems.
  3. Canister (“Rocker Pin”) Load Cells: These are ideal for large-scale applications like truck and hopper scales, offering durable weighing for heavy loads.
  4. Junction Boxes: Used to connect multiple load cells to a single scale indicator, they ensure accurate signal processing and are crucial for maintaining the reliability and accuracy of multi-load cell weighing configurations.
  5. Crane Scales: Ideal for industrial environments, crane scales provide accurate weight measurements for suspended loads, ensuring safety and efficiency in material handling operations.
For scale dealers and fabricators seeking reliable, legal-for-trade weighing solutions, ANYLOAD offers a range of certified load cells and indicators. Our products ensure precision, durability, and compliance, making them ideal for a variety of conventional weighing applications. Contact us for custom solutions tailored to your specific needs in the scale industry.


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