Fertilizer Cart Weighing

Agricultutal Cart & Mobile Equipment Weighing

ANYLOAD load cells are integrated into mobile fertilizer spreaders and applicators to provide optimal load level monitoring and consistent material dispersion

How it works:

  1. Farmers need to know how much material (manure, fertilizer, compost, etc.) is loaded onto the applicator cart, and to monitor the distribution and how much is remaining.

  2. Load cells needed to survive the harsh environment where uneven terrain can cause overloading, humidity can be quite high, and fertilizers are often highly corrosive.

  3. Custom modified ANYLOAD load cells developed in collaboration with agricultural machinery engineers were field-tested to survive harsh conditions and precision requirements.

  4. Special cable-connectors and a digital ISOBUS output housed within the junction box allow for a simplified yet reliable connection to existing control and data acquisition systems.

  5. A plug-and-play weighing solution is developed and supplied to the machinery manufacturer that is easily installed during product assembly.

Custom Solution

ANYLOAD’s custom load cells are engineered for the agricultural sector’s rigorous demands, offering exceptional longevity in corrosive, humid, and uneven terrain conditions. Designed to withstand regular overloading and environmental stressors, these load cells ensure reliable performance and sustainable efficiency in mobile agricultural applications, making them a durable investment for precision farming.

Anyload case studies are conceptual. Please Contact Us with any questions.

Featured Products

Single Ended Beam
See standard version.

  • Capable of >20,000 division accuracy (±0.005% of full scale)
  • High safety factor (breaking overload: 400% of full scale)
  • Wireless connectivity to indicator and large LED remote display

The patented 110BH standard tension link is already the world’s most accurate (OIML C6) legal for trade tension link and can be calibrated for even higher resolution while maintaining excellent natural linearity and vibration resistance.

Junction Box

  • Fibreglass impact-resistant box
  • Humidity mitigation: GORE vent, rubber gasket sealing
  • OPTION: Digital output (4-20 mA, CAN bus, ISOBUS, etc.)

ANYLOAD customizes junction boxes according to customer requirements, helping to simplify the integration of weighing components into existing electronic systems and readouts.


  • Tri-colour backlight: green, red and amber (basic checkweighing)
  • Weatherproof stainless steel enclosure: NEMA4X / IP66
  • NTEP & OIML approved legal-for-trade

It has also advanced analog, digital and average filtering and can drive up to four 350Ω (4×350Ω) or eight 700Ω (8×700Ω) load cells. With an SS304 stainless steel wash-down enclosure, the 815BS is ideal for the food industry, agricultural industry, and industrial applications

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