Anyload is FM APPROVED to manufacture intrinsically safe load cells and junction boxes up to Class 1 Division 1 standards.

Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals is a third-party global testing and certification agency. They test and certify products and services that meet their rigorous property loss prevention and safety standards for use in commercial and industrial facilities. Companies seeking FM certification must submit to comprehensive audits and inspections of their operations, from design to management to quality assurance. Products bearing the FM APPROVED label must pass rigorous safety inspections to ensure that the product can meet the safety standards required by a commercial or industrial facility where it is employed. This ensures that such products, when appropriately installed, will not be the cause of short circuits, fires, explosions, and other catastrophic failures leading to financial loss and risk to human life.

Every unit of an FM APPROVED product must bear an FM compliant label indicating the application level (e.g., Class 1, Division 1) corresponding to the type of protection required (e.g., non-incendive, explosion-proof, powder-filled, intrinsic safety, pressurized, etc.), along with the company logo, part number, registered drawing number, and more. Anyload holds FM APPROVED status, along with IECEx, FM Canada, and ATEX approvals, to manufacture load cells and junction boxes, encompassing the vast majority of our standard product offerings.

For more information on ANYLOAD’s Factory Mutual (FM) approvals ( ATEX, FM Canada, FM USA, IECEx) and the use of approved load cells and weighing systems in volatile environments, click here to contact us.

FM Certificate Approvals
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