MK4-102EHM2 Weigh Module Kit

The MK4-102EHM2 weigh module kit uses four double-ended beam load cells to provide a high degree of durability for your hopper and tank weighing applications. Common applications include medium-to-heavy-capacity bins, hopper, and tank weighing, and other bulk material measurement needs. The kit is a stable weighing solution for medium-to high-capacity ranges. Each kit comes with an IP67 water-resistant junction box and 65ft of cable.


  • CE, RoHS, and ExNepsi certified load cells
  • Uplift protection and overload protection
  • Allowance for thermal expansion
  • Junction box equipped with corner
    trim pots
  • Conventional wiring and color code

Complete Set Includes:

Load Cell Capacity Part No. Shipping Weight (kg / lb) Approx.
2.5Klb MK4-102EHM2-2.5Klb-S 39.0kg / 86.0lb
5Klb MK4-102EHM2-5Klb-S 39.0kg / 86.0lb
10Klb MK4-102EHM2-10Klb-S 133.0kg / 293.2lb
15Klb MK4-102EHM2-15Klb-S 133.0kg / 293.2lb
25Klb MK4-102EHM2-25Klb-S 137.0kg / 302.0lb
35Klb MK4-102EHM2-35Klb-S 137.0kg / 302.0lb
50Klb MK4-102EHM2-50Klb-S 316.0kg / 696.7lb
60Klb MK4-102EHM2-60Klb-S 316.0kg / 696.7lb
Manufacturer Model
Rice Lake RL1600
Mettler Toledo VLM3C
Vishay Sensortronics 65016-TWA
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