563YHM4-02 Compression Weigh Module

  • Assembles: 563YH Alloy Steel Shear Beam Load Cell
  • Capacities: 100lb-20Klb/100kg-10t
  • Integral “Jacking” for easy load cell removal/installation
  • Rocker pin design-allows for 360° thermal expansion
  • Both uplift and overload protection with lateral stops
  • Versatile mounting options for conventional tank/vessel leg
    • Able to use existing 4-square tank leg mount holes in floor
    • Free to rotate for fixed position 360° w/same 4-mount holes
    • Able to flip entire mount 180° for further mount options
  • Side holes each side for shipping & installation brackets
  • Flexible stainless steel braided grounding strap
  • Load cell not included
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