MK4-563YHM4 Weigh Module Kit

The MK4-563YHM4 weigh module kit features four best-selling 563YH true shear beam load cells and weigh modules, including home run cable and junction box. Our rocker pin-loading design provides ideal freedom for proper alignment and thermal expansion. Each weigh module is fully protected from both overload and uplift. This adaptable low-profile kit is ideal for saving installation time with four additional bolt holes in the bottom plate, thus matching the typical tank leg bolt pattern in the floor, for ease of installation. The weigh module kit is ideal for a wide range of weighing applications, including most outdoor tank and vessel weighing needs. Each kit comes with an IP67 water-resistant junction box and a 65ft cable.


  • NTEP certified true shear beam load cells (from 250lb-20Klb & 200kg-5t)
  • OIML certified true shear beam load cells (from 1Klb-20Klb & 500kg-10t)
  • CE, RoHS, and ExNepsi certified load cells
  • “Jacking provision” for ease of load cell removal/installation
  • Uplift and overload protection
  • Allowance for thermal expansion
  • Top plate mounts directly to vessel/tank leg
  • Conventional wiring and color code

Complete Set Includes:

Load Cell Capacity Part No. Shipping Weight (kg / lb) Approx.
100lb MK4-563YHM4-100lb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
250lb MK4-563YHM4-250lb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
500lb MK4-563YHM4-500lb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
1Klb MK4-563YHM4-1Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
2Klb MK4-563YHM4-2Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
2.5Klb MK4-563YHM4-2.5Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
SE5Klb MK4-563YHM4-SE5Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
5Klb MK4-563YHM4-5Klb-S 25.0kg / 55.1lb
10Klb MK4-563YHM4-5Klb-S 25.0kg / 55.1lb
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