808AH Remote Display 5” Standard Model

The ANYLOAD 808AH are newest generation industrial remote displays designed to be versatile, rugged, durable, and easy to install. They are incorporated with Auto-Learn communication and protocol feature for compatibility with wide range of indicators and weighing instruments.

  • Six 5” (125mm) tall digits LED industrial remote display
  • High intensity, wide viewing angle discrete LEDs
  • Standard seven segments
  • Automatic learn mode to set communication baud rates
  • Automatic learn mode to detect incoming strings format
  • Ambient light sensor for day and night brightness control
  • Adjustable brightness settings for day and night
  • Software configuration for custom string formats
  • Menu driven setup function using a membrane keypad
  • Switch inputs and a relay output module to control traffic light
  • Customized software utility programs
  • Customized addressable configuration
  • Up to two decimal places with choice of dot or comma
  • Reverse digits mode for visibility in mirrors
  • Standard wall mount and pole mount kits
  • Standard sun visor and rain shade
  • Indication of GROSS (GR) or NET (NT) status by annunciators
  • Indication of KG (kg) or LB (lb) units by annunciators
  • Independent ESD protected RS232, RS422/RS485 and 20mA
  • Echo out port for RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485
  • Metal enclosure with hinged front cover for easy service
  • Grey front safety glass
  • Weather proof mild steel powder coated enclosure
  • Internal folding electronic plate for easy wiring
  • CE Marked, EMC and LVD Directives Conformity
  • UL/CSA approved encapsulated multi sense voltage power supply
  • Breather ventilation to avoid condensation inside enclosure
  • Wireless option with WL900 Wireless Transceiver
Display Digits 5” (125mm) height, 6 digits, 7 segments
Digit Segments 1500mcd high intensity brightness, 120° viewing angle, discrete red CREE® LED
Micro Controller 50MHZ ARM Cortex M® processor
Status Indication 4 annunciators for GR, NT, lb and kg (some versions in kg and t)
Decimal Point 2 decimal point places with choice of dot or coma
Membrane Keypad 4 keys dome membrane keypad
Brightness Control 550nm ambient light sensor to adjust brightness in day and night
Communication Ports 3 independent serial ports for RS232, RS422/RS485, and 20mA current loop
Communication Baud Auto learn 300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600 baud rate
String Protocol Auto learn to detect string protocol and parse incoming string
Echo Port 2 independent serial ports for RS232 and RS422/RS485
Printer Port 1 independent transmit port for none legal for trade printing applications
Digital Output 1 form C relay output rated at 2A / 60VDC
Digital inputs 2 independent dry contact switch inputs
Main Enclosure Mild steel powder coated NEMA 4 / IP65 weather proof suitable for outdoor applications
Power Supply Input: 100-240VAC, 1.2A, 50/60Hz / output: 12VDC, 5.0A, 60W encapsulated
Power Consumption 120VAC @ 0.5A / 12VDC @ 2.5A ( 60W AC / 30W DC ) typical
Operating Temperature -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 50°C)
Operating Humidity 20%RH to 90%RH
Enclosure Ventilation GORE ® breather vent to avoid condensation
Physical Dimensions 22.2” W X 9.8” H X 3.5” D (565mm X 250mm X 89mm) or 25.9” W X 13.7” H X 5.9” D (658mm X 348mm X 149mm) – mounting brackets & canopy included
Total Weight 7.5 kg (17 lb) main unit and 1.5 kg (3 lb) mounting kits, approximately
Industry Approvals UL/CSA approved class II power supply
Certification of Conformity CE Marking, EMC and LVD Directives
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