MK4-363TSM1 Weigh Module Kit

The 363TSM1 ThinWeigh® leads the industry as an integrated compression weigh module that is high capacity and ultra low-profile, ideally suited for tank, hopper, and vessel weighing. Our patented internal design significantly improved accuracy and repeatability compared to the traditional load pin design while also improving performance under variable loading conditions and temperature fluctuations. The ThinWeigh® is a superior alternative to conventional weigh modules.


  • Low profile
  • Combined load cell and weigh mount
  • Side load and uplift protection up to 50% of rated capacity
  • Optional top plate available with threaded top holes for symmetrical mounting
  • 17-4PH stainless steel construction (IP68/IP69K hermetic seal)

Complete Set Includes:

Load Cell Capacity Part No. Shipping Weight (kg / lb) Approx.
2.5Klb MK4-363TSM1-2.5Klb-S 9.3kg / 20.5lb
5Klb MK4-363TSM1-5Klb-S 14.1kg / 31.1lb
10Klb MK4-363TSM1-10Klb-S 14.1kg / 31.1lb

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