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J06S-E-21-MB Junction Box Main Board

ANYLOAD J06S-E-21-MB junction and summing box accepts inputs from multiple load cells and sums up the generated signals into a single output to ensure an accurate multi-cell balance adjustment.  The J0S-E-21-MB is designed to accommodate two to six parallel load cell connections with an expansion port for wiring additional junction boxes.  The J06S-E-21-MB load cell junction box main board is easy to install. This model equips with lightning/over voltage protection.

  • Number of cells: 2-6 single cells
  • Section or individual cell with signal trim
  • Lightning/Overvoltage Protection
  • Quick removable load cell connectors
  • Switchable On/Off power per channel
  • Equipped with independent potentiometers
  • Conformal coated circuit board
  • Expansion port to/for additional J-Box
  • IP Rating: IP67
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