A2P & A2P-D2 Load Cell Amplifiers

ANYLOAD A2P series strain gage amplifiers provide load cell and transducer signal conditioning.  The A2P series strain gage amplifiers are DC powered amplifiers that can drive up to 2 x 350Ω load cells connected directly. They can also drive up to 4×350Ω or 8×700Ω or 8×350Ω load cells through a junction box. Equipped with individual adjustable resistors, the A2P’s are housed in a PVC enclosure and can be installed on a standard rail channel.  Fully compliant with the Conformité Européenne (CE) – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, the A2P amplifiers have wide input signal from 0±36mV and output signal of 0±10V or 4-20mA. The A2P-D2 amplifier is now equipped with two options of excitation voltages (5VDC or 12VDC) to comply the desired requirements in various applications.

Specifications A2P A2P-D2 A2P-D2B
Load Cell Type All strain gage types
Capacity up to 2×350Ω directly connected or 4×350Ω or 8×700Ω through a junction box up to 2×350Ω directly connected or 4×350Ω or 8×700Ω or 8×350Ω through a junction box
Compatibility Compatible with IO-LINK Balluff’s
Power Supply 24VDC or 95-250VAC 24VDC
Input Range 0-30mV 0±36mV
Output Signal (Voltage) 0-10V 0±10V
Output Signal (Current) 4-20mA
Excitation Voltage to load cell 12V 5V or 12V
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 50°C or 14 to 122°F
Enclosure Material PVC casting
IP Rating IP40
Installation Standard rail channel
Tare limit Shall not exceed 30% of full load
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