J04ES-FS, J04SS-FS Junction Box

ANYLOAD J04ES-FS and J04SS-FS junction and summing boxes accept inputs from multiple load cells and sum up the generated signals into a single output to ensure an accurate multi-cell balance adjustment.  The J04ES-FS and J04SS-FS are housed in a stainless steel SS304 enclosure and are designed to accommodate two to four parallel load cell connections.  The J04ES-FS and J04SS-FS load cell junction boxes are easy to install with our patented never-lost and integrated screw design.

  • Enclosure Material: Stainless steel SS304
  • Number of cells: 2-4 single cells
  • Trimming Options: Individual cell with excitation trim
  • Equipped with independent potentiometers
  • Patented never lost and integrated screw design
  • Stainless steel screws
  • IP Rating: IP65
Number of cells 2-4 single cells
Input Cable Fittings PG7: 3mm-6.5mm diameter cable
Output Cable Fittings PG9: 4mm-8mm diameter cable
Trimming Individual cell with excitation trim
Enclosure Material Stainless steel SS304
IP Rating: IP65
Load Cell Resistance Signal Trim Excitation Trim
350Ω 3.6% of output 2.3% of output
700Ω 6.3% of output 1.3% of output
1000Ω 7.0% of output 1.0% of output
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