FSP-SS-S4 Stainless Steel Floor Scale

ANYLOAD FSP-SS-S4 stainless steel floor scales are engineered with a symmetrical grid rigid steel channel frame and checkered 4mm thick deck plate with rugged diamond saftey tread. The FSP-SS-S4 floor scale is a 17-4PH and 304 Stainless steel heavy duty design and is ideal for industrial and commercial environments due to the durability provided by the structural support of the channel frame and safety benefits of the slip and skid resistant checkered surface. FSP-SS-S4 floor scales include ANYLOAD stainless steel load cells, adjustable stainless steel feet and a built-in stainless steel junction box . Additional design features include factory finished corner error adjustments, an integrated level bubble and threaded eyebolt holes on the deck plate for facilities that need to frequently move the location of the floor scale and need to facilitate the scale levelling. ANYLOAD floor scales are covered under warranty for a period of 3 years and are available in standard as well as custom sizes. The FSP-SS-S4 is legal for trade and certified by Measurement Canada and NTEP:

  • NTEP 1:6 000 Class III, Multiple Cell certified from 1Klb-10Klb
  • NTEP 1:3 500 Class III, Single Cell certified from 1Klb-10Klb
  • OIML MAA, CE, RoHS and ExNepsi certified load cells
  • NTEP certified floor scales: 3×3-5Klb, 4×4-5Klb, 4×4-10Klb
  • Measurement Canada certified floor scales: 3×3-5Klb, 4×4-5Klb, 5×5-5Klb

Complete Set Includes:

  • IP68 stainless steel load cells 563YS, OIML MAA & NTEP certified
  • 4 swivel stainless steel feet AMFS4 with removable rubber base
  • 2 eyebolts
  • 1 IP65 stainless steel junction box J04ES-FS
  • 1 level bubble
Part Number Rated Capacities Load Cell Capacities Size (LxWxH) in Inches Weight
FSP3x3-SS-S4 500kg/1t/2.5t/1Klb/2Klb/5Klb 563YS-300kg/500kg/1t/500lb/1Klb/2.5Klb 36″ X 36″ X 4″ 75kg / 165lb
FSP4x4-SS-S4 500kg/1t/2.5t/5t/1Klb/2Klb/5Klb/10Klb 563YS-300kg/500kg/1t/2t/500lb/1Klb/2.5Klb/4Klb 48″ X 48″ X 4″ 120kg / 265lb
FSP5x5-SS-S4 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 59″ X 59″ X 4″ 200kg / 441lb
FSP4x6-SS-S4 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 48″ X 72″ X 4″ 180kg / 397lb
FSP5x7-SS-S4 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 59″ X 84″ X 4″ 260kg / 573lb
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