CCP Cable Connector

  • Contacts: 5, 7
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Water resistant design
  • Connector with threaded coupling
  • Inline cable connection
  • CCP5-S has a smaller outer cable diameter than CCP5-L
Part Number CCP5-S CCP5-S1 CCP5-L CCP5-L1 CCP7-L
Rated Current 30A 15A
No. of Contacts 5 7
Contact Diameter φ3mm×5 φ2mm×7
Contact Resistance 1MΩ 2.5MΩ
Wire Size mm / AWG ≤4.17/11 ≤2/14
Termination Screw Solder Screw Solder
Cable Outer Diameter φ4.5-7mm φ7-12mm
Shell Material PC, Nylon66, fire resistance: V-0
Insert Material PPS, max temperature 260oC
Contact Material Brass with gold plating
Rated Voltage (AC) 500V
Test Voltage/min (AC) 1500V
Mating Cycle >500
Input Resistance 2000MΩ
Working Temperature -40C to 85C / -40F to 185F
Protection Class IP68
Part No. Contacts Termination Shipping Weight (kg) Approx.
CCP5-S 5 screw 0.06
CCP5-S1 5 solder 0.06
CCP5-L 5 screw 0.06
CCP5-L1 5 solder 0.06
CCP7-L 7 solder 0.06
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