CB4 Load Cell Cable

  • PVC jacket material
  • Copper shield and aluminum foil protection
  • 4-Wire standard black cable
  • Outer diameter options of 5.1mm ± 0.2mm or 7.6mm ± 0.3mm
  • 100m length without reel
  • 300m length with reel
  • ANYLOAD color code compliant
  • RFI and EMI protected
  • Customizable lengths (consult)
Number of Wires 4 wires
Outside Diameter Options 5.1mm ± 0.2mm 7.6mm ± 0.3mm
Working Temperature -30°C to 85°C/-22°F to 185°F
Wire Resistance ≤ 0.9Ω/mm
Screen 1
Capacitance ≤ 80PF/m
Length without Reel 100m/328.08′
Length with Reel 300m/984.25′
Inner Shield Tinned copper braided screen & aluminum foil-polyester tape
Outer Shield Stainless steel braided screen
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Colour Black
Cross Section 0.212mm2 0.314mm2
AWG 24 22
Descriptions With Reel Diameter Part No. Shipping Weight (kg) Approx.
PVC cable with 4 wires No 5.1 CB4-5.1-100m 3.2
PVC cable with 4 wires Yes 5.1 CB4-5.1-300m 10.3
PVC cable with 4 wires No 7.6 CB4-7.6-100m 7.9
PVC cable with 4 wires Yes 7.6 CB4-7.6-300m 23.7
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