CB-RP Rodent Protection Load Cell Cable


Rats, squirrels, mice, and other rodents often chew through unshielded cables leading to costly damages, downtime, and a lot of hassle. These load cell cables protect against damage by vermins, providing additional longevity and long-term savings. Cables can be easily upgraded by a technician.


  • Braided stainless steel
  • 4-Wire or 6-Wire rodent protection silver-colored cable
  • Outer diameter of 8mm ± 0.3mm
  • 100m length without reel
  • 300m length with reel
  • ANYLOAD color code compliant
  • Customizable lengths (consult)
Number of Wires 4 wires or 6 wires
Outside Diameter 8mm ± 0.3mm
Working Temperature -30°C to 85°C/-22°F to 185°F
Wire Resistance ≤ 0.9Ω/mm
Screen 1
Capacity ≤ 80PF/m
Length without Reel 100m/328.08′
Length with Reel 300m/984.25′
Jacket Material Braided stainless steel
Jacket Colour Silver
Cross Section 0.314mm2
AWG 22
Descriptions With Reel Diameter Part No. Shipping Weight (kg) Approx.
Rodent protection cable with 4 wires No 8.0 CB4RP-8-100m 11.9
Rodent protection cable with 4 wires Yes 8.0 CB4RP-8-300m
Rodent protection cable with 6 wires No 8.0 CB6RP-8-100m 10.5
Rodent protection cable with 6 wires Yes 8.0 CB6RP-8-300m 38.2

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