Check out the Newest Industrial Remote Display with Built-in Traffic Light!

The 808BH Remote Display with Built-in Traffic Light is one of the newest generation industrial remote displays designed to be versatile, rugged, durable, and easy to install:

Great Visibility
  • Built-in Red & Green Light
  • Double-row Discrete LED
  • 6 Digits, 5” Height, 7 Segment
  • Wide Viewing 120° Angle
  • Auto Brightness Adjustment
  • Mirror Display
RED/GREEN Lane Control
  • Using two manual input switches in solid or blinking modes
  • Using several pre-installed software utility programs
  • Using serial ASCII commands sent by programmable indicators
Smart Auto-Learn Technology:
  • Automatically detect indicator string protocols
  • Automatically Set communication baud rates
The New Anyload 808BH Remote Display
  • Input: Independent RS232, RS422, RS485, 20mA Current Loop (active or passive)
  • Output: Echo out and Addressable Multi display Configuration
Service Friendly
  • Modular Design
  • External membrane keypad
  • Hinged Front Cover
  • Pivoting Internal Electronics Plates
  • Weather Proof Design
  • Visor to Protect from Sun or Rain Shade
  • Wall & Pole Mount Kit
  • Breather Vent
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