ANYLOAD exhibiting on ISWM 2020 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Come join us, as ANYLOAD will be sponsoring and exhibiting at ISWM 2020 Conference & Expo (Feb. 25-27) in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Hotel. Here you will meet our Anyload team and see some of our recently released products, such as our eye catching 808AH Remote Display with 5” characters and Auto-Connect feature, which will be entered in the Kardex Cup challenge

The International Society of Weighing and Measurement is the trade association for weighing and measurement industry professionals. With nearly 600 members in the United States and 27 countries around the world, the ISWM is committed to promoting and enhancing the professionalism and success of our industry.

ISWM members include manufacturers and dealers/distributors of weighing equipment, state weights and measures officials and industry end users. From the finest precision balances to massive railroad and truck scales, ISWM members supply products critical to global commerce, helping industry to achieve the highest possible standards and efficiency.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – The Evolving Trends in Dimensioning Technology

A thorough look at dimensioning technology in the past, present and future. The participant will come away with a good understanding of what is available today and the technological advances you can expect moving forward. The presentation will include lecture as well as multi-media and live demonstrations of advanced dimensioning technology.

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