OIML C9 Approved for 651xx series (stainless steel single point load cell)

651JS Single Point Load Cell, Stainless Steel, Welded Sealed, IP68
We are pleased to announce that our 651xx series stainless steel single point load cells have received OIML C9 approval for a capacity range of 10kg to 100kg and C4 approval for a capacity range of 100kg to 500kg. The approval covers a full scale output of 2.0mV/V and stainless steel materials. These hermetically sealed, moment insensitive load cells are constructed to withstand harsh environments typically found in food, chemical, and allied industries. Such a construction meets the IP68/69K rating. The 651xx series is ideal for:
  • low capacity platform scales
  • belt scales
  • check weighers
  • multi-head packaging machines
  • other general process weighing applications.
651JS 50kg, 75kg, 400kg
651HS 6kg, 12kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 60kg
651KS22 50kg, 100kg, 250kg, 500kg
651KSBCUN 100kg, 250kg
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