CA Cable Armor and End Fitting


ANYLOAD cable armor and end fittings offer load cell cable protection from rodents and mechanical damage. The CA cable armor has a PVC exterior and is flexible with a galvanized steel interior. Cable armor and end fittings are sold separately from cables.


  • Flexible protective armor, galvanized steel inside, PVC outside
  • 4-Wire or 6-Wire cable armour with protection from rodents and mechanical damage
  • 0.63″ (16mm) internal diameter, 0.8″ (20mm) external diameter
  • ANYLOAD color code compliant
  • Customizable lengths (consult)
Interior Material Galvanized steel
Exterior Material PVC
Internal Diameter 16mm/0.63in
External Diameter 20mm/0.8in
Bending Radius 50mm/2in
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