Announcing the New Board Of Directors and CEO at ANYLOAD

Introducing the Esteemed Members of Our Board of Directors

  1. Karin Shen: Our Board Chair, Karin, has been instrumental in shaping Anyload’s trajectory for over three decades. Her insightful leadership and keen business acumen have played a pivotal role in guiding our strategic direction
  2. Anna Ng: As the Chief Operating Officer of Anyload Weigh & Measure Inc., Anna’s financial expertise and operational management skills have been integral to our growth and financial health.
  3. Alex To: A trusted associate and close business partner to our founder, Gary, Alex brings to our board decades of engineering and corporate management experience, augmenting our decision-making process with seasoned leadership.
  4. Jay Visco: Our esteemed Vice President of Anyload LLC., Jay’s leadership skills and relationship-building expertise have played a significant role in our industry standing and growth.
  5. George Jiang: As our diligent factory Chief Operating Officer, George’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement have been instrumental in maintaining our high production standards.
  6. Martin Gui: Our new CEO and son of our founder, Martin brings an astute understanding of the industry and a firm hand on the company’s strategic direction. His leadership ensures continuity and inspires confidence in our team and partners alike.

Anyload's Legacy of Excellence & Innovation

With this remarkable team steering the ship, we look forward to upholding Anyload’s legacy of excellence and innovation, maintaining our status as a global leader in load cell manufacturing, and driving our company towards new frontiers.

As we look forwards the future, we’re committed to preserving the standards that have made Anyload a trusted global leader in load cell manufacturing. We guarantee that our relentless pursuit of quality, innovation, and superior engineering will continue unabated. We’re devoted to offering a diverse array of high-quality load cells, transducers, and weighing equipment that meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. With our dedicated team and the guidance of our Board of Directors, we’re confident that Anyload’s legacy of manufacturing excellence and innovative solutions will endure and thrive.

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