Custom Design


All inquiries for customized weighing solutions are assessed by our engineering department to determine the application requirements, projected time lines and project costs. The initial stages of developing drawing outlines and samples can vary in time based on the complexity of the project and during the initial design stages, our engineering department works closely with the customer to ensure that we meet the requirements for the application before proceeding to the development stage. In some cases we send samples to the customer directly for their own assessment before the final stages of production, however, in most cases our internal testing reports often show any problems or improvements that need to be made before proceeding to manufacturing. When the product samples have been tested and have received final approval from the customer, we proceed with the completion of the project. For over 20 years, ANYLOAD has been offering custom weighing and measurement solutions for a wide range of industries.  Experienced in the production of small and large volume custom manufacturing, we offer design services ranging from customer requested development to modifications of our own products to suit our customers’ operational needs.  With over 2,000 drawings on file, 9 standard load cell families and more than 10 custom designed load cell families, our engineering team welcomes the opportunity to design the right product to meet your needs.
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