Custom Design Projects

Rocket Launching Pad

ANYLOAD | Rocket Launching Pad Project

The Challenge

In 2007, we were approached to create a custom designed weighing system that would not only fit a rocket launching pad but also sustain the force and emissions of a launch. Due to the force of the rocket and the emissions produced, our challenge was to design an electronic weighing device that could not only survive the rocket's "ashes test" but that could also give an accurate reading.

The Process

Our engineering team determined the possible factors in supplying load cells for a rocket launch: force, heat, steam, water, vibrations and shock. Considering the possible factors of failure, the goal was to protect the strain gage and electronic circuits inside the load cell, making sure the connectors and cables could withstand the rocket's force and emissions.

The Results

After a 10 month period of design and testing, we successfully created load cells that were able to survive and contribute to a successful rocket launch.

China's First Retractable Stadium Roof

ANYLOAD | Nantong Stadium in China

The Project

In 2005, we were contracted by Enerpac to manufacture and supply 96 load pins for Nantong Stadium, China's first retractable stadium roof located in the Nantong, Jiangsu, China. Completed in 2010, Nantong Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that holds 32,244 spectators and is known for being the world's first stadium in which the propulsion and stabilisation of the moveable parts take place hydraulically.

Load Cell Features

• Materials: Stainless steel and alloy steel
• Capacities supplied: 10t and 150t
• Safe Overload: 150%
• Breaking Overload: 400%

What We Provided


88 Stainless steel 10t load pins
  • 88

    88 Stainless steel 10t load pins
  • 12

    8 Alloy steel 150t load pins

Split Type Donut Load Cell

ANYLOAD | Split Type Donut Load Cell


Designed to measure and monitor the tension force of an anchor that reinforces the stability of slopes for the prevention of landslides.


Each load cell half was designed with an individual strain gage and individual cable. When installed, the cable from each of the load cell halves are connected with a junction box.

Accuracy Results

The overall accuracy level achieved was 3% with a 0.5% difference in sensitivity when the load cell was rotated and used in different positions..

Load Cell Features

• Material: Alloy steel
• Capacity: 50t
• Safe Overload: 150%
• Breaking Overload: 300%

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