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Three Collaborative Teams Meet on a Weighbridge in Texas

It was the end of August this year (2022) when teams from three companies took a break from their hectic schedules
and converged on Jahns Farm in Rosebud, TX. The main attraction was a newly installed truck scale from Mid America
Scale. Everyone involved wanted to celebrate a job well done and have a come-together-moment. ANYLOAD was able
to organize it, and they hired a photographer to capture the event.

Pictured (L to R) – (Central Texas Scale) - Matt Williams, Sammy Gamino, Justin Williams, Troy Williams,
(ANYLOAD)- Jay Visco, Jerry Finnegan, (MidAmerica Scale) - TJ Schallner and Jay Schallner.

According to Jay Visco, vice president of ANYLOAD LLC, "It was a special occasion and one we believe might be the first
collaboration of its kind. Present that day was the truck scale manufacturer, the load cell manufacturer (who also manufactured
the remote display and junction boxes), and the certified scale dealer who installed the scale. We were all on a weighbridge in
Texas, in the rain."

Leading Up to the Memorable Gathering

In January 2021, Troy Williams, owner of Central Texas Scale, located in Temple, TX, and Jay Visco met for the first time at a
Texas Roadhouse restaurant. As the conversation developed, Jay learned that Troy, his wife Sandra, and their two sons, Justin
and Matt, took the reigns from his dad Jerry Williams in 2004. His dad started the family-scale business in 1984 when he
purchased it from Sherman-Pease. So three generations of scale technicians grew up in the Williams' scale business! Today,
Justin is the service manager, and Matt is the service technician. And according to Troy, "Sandra is the brains of the
operation." She does all the accounting and the handling of incoming customer service calls. The company also employs
Sammy Gamino. He's another service technician considered part of the CTS family. One reason for the Texas Roadhouse
meeting was to introduce Troy to Anyload. Jay Visco explained, "I wanted to mention some of the things that make us just a little
different from most other load cell and weighing component suppliers. And meeting face-to-face (or belly-to-belly) with
a client is one of those essential things.” Jay Visco learned that evening that a good portion of the Central Texas Scale
business comes from installing new and servicing existing truck scales. And Troy disclosed that he buys his truck scales
from Jay Schallner, owner of Mid America Scale in Oklahoma. "I had heard about Mid America Scale and Jay Schallner as
an OEM weighbridge designer and manufacturer. "I felt a bit embarrassed that I had not made a point of contacting him earlier,"
said Visco. He soon remedied this by reaching out to Mid America Scale with correspondence and literature about Anyload's
product line. It paid off! One day, Jay Schallner called Anyload. As Visco described it, "We talked—well, he talked mostly,
and I listened intently as a salesperson is supposed to do. "I learned a lot about Mid America Scale and, more importantly,
about Jay, his work ethic and dedication to detail on weighbridge design. I could tell instantly that Jay Schallner was the
type of person I wanted to know and work with on future projects." Anyload soon booked the flights for Jay Visco and Jerry
Finnegan (national sales manager) to go and meet with Jay Schallner in Oklahoma. Once there, Schallner invited them to his
beautiful home, where they met his wife Sherry, and his son TJ. It's interesting to note that Sherry serves as a federal
administrative judge in Oklahoma.

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