Guinness World Records – World’s Largest Ice Cream Cake

In honor of Dairy Queen’s 30th birthday of its famous ice cream cake, our products were deliciously challenged in 2011 by Guinness World Records for the largest ice cream cake on record.  The previous record had been set in Beijing, China in 2006 with a cake that weighed 17,637 pounds.  In Toronto’s downtown Square in May 2011, our products helped make history when they were used to weigh Dairy Queen’s 10.13 tonne ice cream cake.  The cake contained more than 20,000 pounds of ice cream, over 200 pounds of sponge cake and more than 300 pounds of icing and OREO crumble, breaking the previous record set in Beijing by almost 500 pounds.  We proudly supplied our 15,000 pound capacity load cells and mounts as well as a junction box and indicator for this historical event.

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