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The Unattainable Triangle of Load Cell Manufacturing

In business, there is an age-old golden paradigm called the ‘unattainable triangle’. Some variation of cost, speed, and quality; you can pick 2 of these but do not expect to have a product that delivers all three.

In the weighing industry, speed is generally constant and depends on a company’s manufacturing capacity. A more fitting ‘unattainable triangle’ might be one between accurate, resilient, and low cost. When buying load cells, you can get accurate and resilient, but it probably won’t be low cost. You can get low-cost and resilient, but it’ll be inaccurate. And around the triangle we go. Well, occasionally, there is a load cell that meets the rare trifecta of all three: accurate, resilient, and low-cost. Developed originally at the start of our company’s history as one of our defining flagship load cells, the 108AA has persisted through these decades as a favorite in delivering performance. To read more about this article. Click Here >>

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