LCT100 Load Cell Tester

ANYLOAD LCT100 Load Cell Tester is a stand-alone hand-held device that was specially designed for full troubleshooting of strain-gage based load cells. The LCT100 is equipped with the following features and functions:

  • Can check all common types of standard load cells that are available in the market ( 4 or 6 wires at all rated gain output )
  • Provides the user with all essential data needed about the tested load cell: Bridge resistance and integrity, physical distortion and can check insulation resistance
  • Can be used to check multi load-cell scale alignment
  • Continuous signal reading allows checking linearity and repeatability
  • Very user friendly, full test within seconds
  • Enclosure material: ABS
  • Battery supply: 4 AA batteries

In order to properly check a load cell or a scale, the following tests and equipment are required:

Required Test Needed Equipment
Bridge resistance and cable integrity DVM (Digital Voltmeter)
Insulation to detect moisture ingress Megger tester to check up to 5000 Mega Ohms resistance
Zero balance to point on physical distortion or metal fatigue 5.5 Digits DVM + Power Supply + Calculator
Linearity 5.5 Digits DVM + Power Supply + Calculator

And, a skilled technician to do all required calculations.


All required tests can now be easily conducted and finished in less than a minute with the Load Cell Tester-LCT100.


Input and Output Resistance Up to 5000 Ohms at 0.5 Ohm resolution
Sense Resistance ( for 6-wire L/C ) Up to 500 Ohms at 0.1 Ohm resolution
Insulation Resistance Max:> 5000 MOhms, Min:<10HOhms
Load Cell Output in percentage of full scale plus and minus 250% at 0.01% resolution (input resitance>175 Ohms)
Gain Adjustment 0.1 – 5mV/V steps of 0.01
Bridge Testing 1.25Vdc
High Resistance Testing 10Vdc
A/D Resolution 16 bits
Resistance Accuracy plus and minus 0.5 Ohm
High Resistance Accuracy plus and minus 10%
Load Cell Output Accuracy 0.1%
Power Source 4 AA batteries
Connector 8-pin screw terminal
Enclosure Material ABS
Display 16×2 alphanumeric
Size 150mm x 80mm x 28mm
Weight 250 grams
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