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563YHFK Single Ended Beam Load Cell, Alloy Steel, Environmentally Sealed, IP67

563YHFK Single Ended Beam Load Cell


The 563YHFK is an interchangeable (Kelba KA125N up to KA10000N) lower and medium-capacity single-ended beam load cell with IP67 water resistance. It is a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective weighing solution for a variety of applications, including platform scales, hopper scales, check weighing, and more.


  • Material:  Alloy steel
  • Rated Capacities: 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1t, 2.5t, 5t, 10t
  • Full Scale Output: 2.2mV/V ± 0.25% or 2.2mV/V ± 0.05%
  • Safe Overload: 150%
  • Breaking Overload: 300%
  • IP Rating: IP67
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Rated Capacities 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1t, 2.5t, 5t, 10t
Full Scale Output 500kg and 10t 2.2mV/V ± 0.25%
Full Scale Output 1t-5t 2.2mV/V ± 0.05%
Zero Balance ± 0.02mV/V
Non-linearity < ±0.017%
Repeatability < ±0.017%
Hysteresis Error < ±0.017%
Creep in 30 minutes < ±0.023%
Input Resistance 380Ω ± 15Ω
Output Resistance 350Ω ± 3Ω
Recommended Excitation 10V (15V Maximum)
Insulation Resistance > 2GΩ (50V DC)
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity < ±0.0012% of Cn/k
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance < ± 0.0040% of Cn/k
Compensated Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F
Service Temperature Range -30°C to 70°C/-20°F to 160°F
Storage Temperature Range -50°C to 85°C/-58°F to 185°F
Safe Overload 150% of full scale
Breaking Overload 300% of full scale
Seal Type Environmentally sealed
IP Rating IP67

pdf- Download data sheet

pdf- 563YHFK-(125-1000)kg

pdf- 563YHFK-(2-10)t

Note: You may need a software that can open/view STEP files.

pdf- NTEP Certificate of Conformance

pdf- CE Certificate of Conformity

pdf- RoHS Certificate of Conformity

pdf- Explosion Protection Certificate of Conformity

Manufacturer Model ANYLOAD Part Number
Kelba KA125N 563YHFK-125kg
KA250N 563YHFK-250kg
KA500N 563YHFK-500kg
KA1000N 563YHFK-1t
KA2500N 563YHFK-2.5t
KA5000N 563YHFK-5t
KA10000N 563YHFK-10t

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