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Introducing MK4 Series Weigh Module Kits!

ANYLOAD | MK4 Series Weigh Module Kits

Introducing the MK4-series weigh module kits for a set of four 563YH, 563RS or 102EH beam load cells and four corresponding compression weigh modules, along with one IP67 water-resistant junction box and 65ft (20m) of cable: Save on shipping, inventory management, and labor with these weigh module kits. Each weigh module is fully protected from […]

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Low Profile Load Cell Engineered For Success

ANYLOAD | 363TSM1 Low Profile Load Cell

A few years ago, we received an inquiry from a scale company wondering if we had an interest in going above and beyond what the market was offering in a low profile, high capacity vessel, hopper, tank weigh module that does not need assembly before installation. The Challenges: The challenge consisted of a 50,000-pound capacity […]

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Launching our Newest model of 808 series Remote Display!

ANYLOAD | 808CH Remote Display

The 808CH Remote Display is also one of the newest generation industrial remote displays of ANYLOAD. This model is designed to be versatile, compact, rugged, durable, easy to install and to be applied in most industrial applications: Great Visibility: Single-row discrete LED 6 digits, 2.5” height, 7 segment Wide viewing 120° angle Two levels brightness […]

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Update of the Power Supplies of 805 Indicators

805BS Indicator Power Supplies of 805BS are interchangeable For 805BS-TN-B, not affected ( same as before ) 805TS Indicator Power Supplies of 805TS are interchangeable For 805TS, some customers like the power supply to be inside of the enclosure, please use this part number when ordering: 805TS-B-19B Browse the 805 Indicators here

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Check out the Newest Industrial Remote Display with Built-in Traffic Light!

The 808BH Remote Display with Built-in Traffic Light is one of the newest generation industrial remote displays designed to be versatile, rugged, durable, and easy to install: Great Visibility: Built-in Red & Green Light Double-row Discrete LED 6 Digits, 5” Height, 7 Segment Wide Viewing 120° Angle Auto Brightness Adjustment Mirror Display RED / GREEN […]

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Learn about the new Anyload WL100 Wireless Transmitter-Receiver!!

The WL100 Wireless Transmitter-Receiver is an ultra-low power, high accuracy wireless transmitter and receiver set, and applicable to any resistive bridge sensor. The transmitter can be integrated into any load cell, scale, pressure sensor, torque sensor and resistive sensor. The receiver can also receive data from multiple sensors. Worldwide Emissions Standard Approval Transmission Frequency: 2.4Ghz […]

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TWCM1 500kg Cast Iron Test Weight

1-piece casting (the grip handle & body in one piece), safe and solid Embedded adjusting cavity for sealing, reliability and convenience Flat top for easy and secure stacking, sloped-sloth space to prevent rainwater and dust accumulation Wide slot space to fit most fork lifts Smooth surface, durable coat of paint to protect from weather changes […]

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