Terms and Conditions

Standard terms & conditions of sale of anyload llc

In these Terms and Conditions of Sale, “Seller” means Anyload LLC; “Buyer” means the person, firm, company or corporation by whom the order is given.

  1. Orders: Buyer’s orders require Seller’s acceptance. Changes need Seller’s written consent, specifying products, quantities, prices, and delivery dates. Advance deposit may apply.
  2. Prices and Taxes: Prices listed on invoices prevail. Seller can adjust prices without notice due to raw material fluctuations. Prices exclude taxes; transportation costs and taxes appear separately on invoices.
  3. Payment Terms: Various payment methods accepted. Credit terms are net 30 days from invoice unless stated otherwise. Failure to pay may alter credit terms.
  4. Delivery and Title: Delivery terms are ‘EXWORKS.’ Seller isn’t liable for delivery delays beyond control. Delayed part delivery doesn’t allow order cancellation.
  5. Returns, Refunds, Exchanges: Returns need original packaging and approval. Refunds after inspection. Fees may apply. No COD shipments.
  6. Limited Warranty: Products conform to specs for 12 months. Warranty excludes misuse, neglect, or alterations.
  7. Limitation of Liabilities: Seller isn’t liable for indirect damages or exceeding purchase price.
  8. Use of Products: Not intended for specific uses. Buyer indemnifies Seller from claims related to such uses.
  9. Force Majeure: Seller isn’t liable for delays due to uncontrollable events. Performance extensions granted.
  10. General: Governing law is State of New Jersey. Buyer cannot assign without Seller’s consent. Agreement binding on successors. Products subject to third-party rights.

For detailed compliance information, contact ANYLOAD LLC

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