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A1A Load Cell Amplifier, Aluminum Casting, IP66

A1A & A1A-22 amplificadores de células de carga

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ANYLOAD A1A series strain gage amplifiers provide load cell and transducer signal conditioning.  The A1A strain gage amplifier is DC powered and can drive up to 2 x 350Ω load cells or 4 X 700Ω load cells and can  be connected directly to 1 load cell or connected to several load cells through a junction box.  Housed in an aluminum casting enclosure, the A1A amplifier has 2 through holes for easy installation and a wide output signal of 0V-10V or 4mA-20mA.

pdf- Download data sheet for A1A

pdf- Download data sheet for A1A-22

pdf- Download manual

Load Cell Type All strain gage types
Power Supply 24V DC ± 10%
Input Range 0mV- 30mV
Maximum Power Voltage (DC) 30V, 2.5A
Output Signal 0V-10V
Output Signal 4mA-20mA
Maximum Output Signal 12V
Total Error 0.2% of full scale
Enclosure Material Aluminum casting
IP Rating IP66


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